PinPoint Solo

PinPoint Solo

DIY SEO for Small Businesses
SEO (search engine optimization) is the lifeblood of all websites.
Just like your body can’t live without blood circulating through your veins, your website can’t be found without SEO.
You can have the latest, most appealing website on the internet, but unless it is optimized for the search engines to find it, no one will ever know that it’s there.
What does this mean for your business?
  • It means your website isn’t working for you.
  • Your website isn’t working 24/7 attracting new customers.
  • Your website isn’t building trust in your industry as the go-to business that can meet their needs.
  • Your website isn’t ranking in the search engines, putting you before the eyes of potential new customers and clients.
  • Your website isn’t building up your reputation in your industry.

How does PinPoint Solo Work?

PinPoint Solo - DIY SEO
We’ll help you get more sales and customers by:
  • Basic Search Engine Optimization:
    • Recommendations to improve your website
    • Monthly off-site content to improve search rankings
    • Citations, list/directories, Q & A pasts, social bookmarks, classified ads, blog post, website articles, images
    • Monthly reporting in your dashboard, including how your website is ranking over time.
  • Reviews Management
    • Automation of requests of review (Yelp, Google, Facebook, TripAdvisor)
    • Routing: technology that looks at the business’ online listing platforms and identifies where least amount of positive reviews exist and then automatically send a request that includes a link to tha particular platform.
    • Gate Reviews to decrease chances of negative reviews being posted
    • Reporting: Shows number of reviews and average rating
  • Simple CRM
    • Used for communicating your promotions, specials, offers, etc.
    • Send simple emails or texts.
  • Social Media Management
    • Simple tool to manage your social media quickly and easily
    • Connect to Facebook and Twitter
    • Finds content for you to share to boost your social media presence.

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We help you get more reviews of your company and brand while addressing them with sentimental analysis and press release distribution.


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